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Dear Foster Volunteer,

Welcome to our foster program; we trust it will be a rewarding experience for you. We appreciate the time and effort given to socializing our rescued felines prior to adoption. Fostering is a time-intensive process, a labor of love, and often times, not an easy task. It is, however, a necessity for the kittens, and it makes such a meaningful difference in their lives. In order for the fostering to run smoothly for all concerned, we ask for your cooperation regarding our guidelines as outlined below.

We need to maintain an accurate, up-to-date accounting of all kittens in foster care. When you have fosters in your home, it will be your responsibility to keep the foster coordinator in your area informed as to the following:

1. Number of kittens in your home
2. Descriptions
3. Ages
4. Genders
5. Weights
6. General well-being

This information is vital for several reasons, as it helps us gauge when your charges need meds, spay/neutering, and when they will be ready for adoption. It also provides us with the needed statistics for our request lists and fund raising.

It is important to keep kittens within their own litter. Mixing litters increases the potential for health problems; therefore, if you have more than one litter, we ask that you refrain from letting them intermingle. If at all possible, the mother will be combo-tested (for FIV and Leukemia), and you will be advised of the results.

If requested, supplies will be provided to you for food, litter, equipment, etc. For reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, we must have a receipt.

Because kittens are sensitive to change in diet; please do not feed foods other than as instructed. We will inform you of the type of food to be fed. If the diet is changed for any reason, it needs to be done gradually.

Regarding adoptions: We appreciate any effort made to find homes for the kittens in your care, but we ask that you check with the foster coordinator before promising a kitten to anyone. Throughout the year we receive calls for kittens, and someone may be on our waiting list for a particular one. Therefore, it is important we know the availability of the kittens in order to honor prior requests. An adoption form needs to be filled out for each kitten and returned to me or the foster/adoption coordinator.

KITTENS ARE TO BE ALTERED PRIOR TO ADOPTION. If, for health reasons, the kitten is not altered, it will remain in our foster program and not be officially adopted until altered. This complies with the State of California Bill #1865, which mandates felines over eight weeks of age be altered prior to adoption, or a deposit fee towards neutering be made. Studies show less than 50% neutering compliance with deposits; therefore, deposits are not an effective means of assuring sterilization.

“Free kittens” diminishes their value; therefore we request a donation for each kitten in the amount of $60, although this amount does not cover our costs. If two kittens are adopted together, the requested donation is $100. We seek loving, safe and lifetime homes for our kittens, and the donation amount can be negotiated if need be.

We value you as one of our volunteers. Call your foster coordinator with any questions. We thank you for your participation on this “hands on” commitment.


Randi T. Fairbrother

Please contact me to be a Foster Volunteer by:
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